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Relax Like The Romans Did

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Welcome to
Roman Holiday Sauna

Relax, Unwind, and Experience the best of Korean culture at the Roman Holiday Sauna. Guests will learn to embrace simple luxuries through our expansive collection of relaxing, professional treatments utilizing a wide array of natural and organic products.

Our professional staff will work with you to meet your needs. Whether you are
new to massage & skin care treatments or a long time wellness enthusiast, our treatments are crafted to enhance your senses and overall well-being.


More About Us

Our Mission

The Roman Holiday Sauna aims to provide visitors with a luxurious and serene retreat where they can unwind and indulge in self-care. The mission of the sauna is to offer a comprehensive range of services and amenities

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Our Philosophy

At the heart of the Roman Holiday Sauna’s philosophy is the belief that wellness is an essential part of a fulfilling life. The sauna understands that self-care is a vital aspect of achieving optimal health and happiness,

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Our Vision

The vision of the Roman Holiday Sauna is to be the premier destination for individuals seeking the ultimate wellness experience. By combining ancient traditions with modern amenities, the sauna strives to 

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Roman Holiday Sauna is a place where you can retreat into a sanctuary
with healing treatments, soothing sounds and caressing aromas


Why Choose Us

Personal Treatment

You receive a full treatment from one of our professionals

Licensed Therapists

Your services will be performed by licensed therapist

Experienced Staff

Our therapists are trained and certified in therapy technique

Regular Promotions

Although we may reduce our costs, we never lower our standards

Practitioners Network

We will work closely
with all your health

Online Booking

Book your treatment or wellness day directly from your  phone

Natural Products

We only use organic & natural products, no chemicals

Reputable Company

We are a triple A rated business and have been since 2023

Himalayan Salt

A Himalayan salt room is a unique and relaxing environment that offers a range of benefits for those who spend time there.

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Red Clay

Our red clay room is one of the most popular facilities at our sauna, and for good reason. Red clay therapy has been used for centuries to detoxify and nourish the skin, and our red clay room offers a unique and relaxing way to experience these benefits.

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Charcoal room, also known as coal room, is a unique and popular feature found in many Korean saunas that offers a range of health benefits for visitors. The room is typically made from charcoal bricks or blocks and is designed to create a warm and soothing atmosphere. 

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